The Natural Order of Things

Ajax and the Caretakers

Ajax and the Caretakers

Project Docs

Compilation Doc - All Projects

Water Tech

Water Filter / DesalinationWater BatteryVitalizerHydrogen Generator


Marketplace AppHydroponic TowerCalibration SystemBio-Energy Reader

Education / Humanities

VR-AR New PhysicsInventors IncubatorEMF and Water VoltageBCI CymaticsBCI and ARAjax McIntosh Model

New Physics

MagnetoPeriodic Table of VibrationsQuantifying ConsciousnessNew Physics

Experimentation and Testing

Experiment Data Points


New Philosophy - Introduction Video

New Physics - Ajax McIntosh Model - Multi-dimensional Periodic Table of Elements

New Physics - Atomic Components

New Physics - Birth of the Proton: the Arising of a New Fundamental

New Physics - Unfolding of the Elements

New Physics - Energetic Structures, Magneto & the Atomic Structure

New Physics - Electricity: 3|6|9 Revisited

New Physics - Electrical Conduction: Bi-directional

New Physics - Electric Water

New Physics - Precession and Polarity in Water

New Physics - Atomic Induction

New Physics - EZ Water Voltage, Bioelectricity and the Correlation with EMF and 5G

New Physics - Near Death, EMF and EZ Water Voltage

New Physics - Headaches, EMF, Water and Faraday Cage

New Physics - Headaches, EMF, Water and Faraday Cage (part 2)

New Philosophy - Pain Relief by Sharing, NDE, Kundalini

New Philosophy - Mind Over Matter

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