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Dunedain Project Docs

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Water Tech

Water Filter / DesalinationWater BatteryVitalizerHydrogen Generator


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New Physics

Quantifying ConsciousnessPeriodic Table of VibrationsNew PhysicsMagneto

Education / Humanities

VR-AR New PhysicsInventors IncubatorEMF and Water VoltageBCI CymaticsBCI and ARAjax McIntosh Model

The Natural Order of Things

The Dúnedain Mission

Dúnedain has one mission: To provide a sustainable model for humanity.

We develop innovative energy solutions through disruptive technologies based on a new and evolved understanding of physics - one that emphasizes etheric origins and an open system of interdependent origination, and where vibration, harmonics, and resonance dictate a natural order to all things.

Our vision is to offer a truly progressive technological advancement and pioneer a generative, long-term model of sustainability that humanity will embrace - one that will allow a natural evolution to unfold.


Technological advancement is not necessarily synonymous with progress. Any progressive advancement will have the aim of long term sustainability, the outcome a generative one. As threats to humanity’s survival continue to rise, revolutionary scientific and technological advances that challenge the current paradigm are needed more than ever.

By embracing a more evolved, vibrational model of our universe, we take the natural next step towards sustainable progress and allow our evolutionary experience to mimic nature. We can begin to imagine not only possibilities, but viable solutions for our future that once seemed out of reach.

Moving Forward

Dunedain is interested in further development of its broad range of goals. Areas of interest include the introduction of a new atomic structure and lexicon for the elements and compounds, energy innovations, health and education, quantifying consciousness and communication. With the introduction of this new vibrational model, all aspects of science will potentially be impacted.

Some of the projects Dunedain has immediate interest in developing include revealing the atomic structure via cymatics, over-unity energy devices, new healing modalities, and global warming mitigation. Longer term projects include a new atomic lexicon, advanced education innovations, and addressing consciousness and a unified theory. The implications are far reaching and timely. Please contact us at for more information.
Our understanding of energy, matter, and motion is evolving. Everything is vibrational in nature, and an open system of etheric origins implies an interconnectedness. By applying a simpler and more sophisticated model to the fundamental building blocks of our world, a natural order begins to present itself.

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