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In the spirit of Tolkien’s “Dunedain”, an ever growing group of us are committed to doing more than nothing in protecting this planet.

Len Murray

Len Murray is the founder of Dunedain. His background consists of construction, software, esoteric connections and disruptive technologies.

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Len Murray

In February 2005, Len had a near death kundalini awakening experience. This was a very powerful eight-hour experience where he essentially crossed over to the “other side” dozens of times. From that day, his life changed dramatically. Years of integration and re-adjustment began to stabilize in March of 2012. It was then that Len was introduced to an intuitive messenger, a psychic. This was the beginning of his healing process, and the introduction to “downloads”.

Prior to 2005, Len was running a small computer consulting firm, specializing in software system architecture and Internet applications. He was also a general contractor, building high-end custom homes in Southern CT. That all came to a halt as a result of the ’05 experience.

It was explained to Len that the 2005 near death kundalini experience was an initiation of sorts, the establishment of a transmitter/receiver relationship. A connection could be made where he, if willing, would begin receiving information pertaining to a new physics. Vibration and resonance were the foundation to a Platonic solid based periodic table of elements. A new atomic structure and new atomic properties would lead to, among other things, the development of new energy. Consciousness was the foundation, the fundamental force, where all forces resonated to. Len was asked if he wanted to proceed with the introduction of a new physics, and begin receiving downloads. 

Despite having no formal educational background in science or physics, Len knew this was the right thing to do. Having experienced the unknown firsthand, the decision to proceed was quite simple. Since then he has been receiving information – downloads – on a regular basis. This website is an overview of the technical aspects of these downloads, along with some of the devices and technologies that can be developed as a result. A new periodic
table of elements, new atomic structure and properties, and a few technologies arising from this new understanding of the forces of nature are just the beginning. Consciousness as an engineerable force is on the horizon.

The information Len has been receiving in the realm of consciousness started in late 2016. Similar to the way in which he began receiving new physics information, it has started out in a very broad and abstract manner. A direction and foundation is being established; high level concepts are incubating, and some time is needed for adjustment and maturation. The implications are important: communication, unified forces, artificial intelligence and education will all be affected.