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Implementing a New Paradigm

The acceptance of a new vibrational model of physics emphasizing interactions, consonance, and dissonance will affect every major aspect of life in some way. Any new concept invites disruption and resistance until eventually accepted as self-evident. The prospect of over-unity energy has major implications transcending the energy sector. The introduction of multidimensional total body health modalities will be the same. A new atomic lexicon leading to a unified theory with consciousness as the fundamental force has a deep impact on the psyche collectively and individually.

Many revolutionary technologies that could have altered the course of our trajectory in terms of sustainability have been suppressed. Dunedain strongly believes these discoveries should be widely accessible to all to have the best possible chance of developing a sustainable future.

The Facility

Dunedain is looking to construct a facility to ensure these new ideas and disruptive technologies can flourish. By addressing the careful balance between intellectual property protection and distribution, the intent is to provide, where appropriate, an open source mentality fostering collaboration.

This facility would begin as a research and development hub and educational center. Over time it would evolve into a more comprehensive entity, where legal and business infrastructures would be put in place to allow the protection, incubation, and distribution of these disruptive technologies. Initially, projects such as Magneto, exclusion zone studies, and innovative educational programs, could commence right away. Eventually a think-tank type of environment could evolve where the longer-term projects such as M2, M3, new healing modalities, and quantifying consciousness would progress.

Enhancing Education

Today’s approach to education and intelligence is rather flat and limited. Much emphasis is on the objective, the quantifiable. Dunedain is interested in exploring a more multidimensional approach, where emotional intelligence and intuition is not ignored. Emphasis should be on the totality of the human being. Beyond the intellect and the rational, the experience should be explored; interactions, subjective, and the nameless needs attention.

Programs are currently being developed by Dunedain that would address the total experience of living and being human and provide real world experiences throughout the community-like campus of the facility. Program topics would include subjects such as:

Inventor’s Incubator

An open source mentality where certain aspects of intellectual property are protected, while other aspects are shared. A safe haven where innovative ideas are encouraged.

• Improved efficiency through collaboration and shared resources.
• Pre-startup, an incubator as a safe proving ground.
• Financial mechanism to develop and distribute technologies.

New Physics

From the technical aspects of a new atomic structure, to energy/matter interaction and everything in between.

• Etheric origins and inter-dependent relations.
• New atomic properties and the impact on various fields. For example, biology - conduction via vortex tube extension and how it affects the electron transport chain and quantum tunneling.
• The correlation between microwave frequencies and exclusion zone degradation - implications for health, telecom and insurance industries and global warming mitigation.


Consciousness as an engineerable force has important implications.

• Emotional intelligence as an important dimension to the human experience - intuition, imagination, creativity, interpersonal relations.
• Power of thought, and the impact on accountability.
• The role of concepts - use vs abuse.

Health Modalities

New healing modalities and healthy foods.

• Water's exclusion zone based technologies – source of bioelectricity.
• Vibrational healing – ratios of light and sound, consonance and dissonance, particularly with EZ water.
• Magneto Meridians – crystal rotors mapped to energy meridians.
• Organic, non-GMO, growing environments utilizing renewable energy.
• Role of energy/matter interaction and health - EMF impact on the body and food.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

VR and BCI alone or combined can be a very effective technology based approach to immersive education.

• Virtual Reality – immersive, enhanced concentration and retention. Database connectivity allows real-time testing and exams.
• Networked VR - custom applications allow virtual collaboration. 
• Combined VR and non-invasive BCI - a networked virtual environment controlled by concentration.
• BCI Cymatics - combines non-invasive BCI technology with cymatics. Applications can be developed to show real-time effects of thought and concentration on a visual display.

This new physics we are presenting emphasizes fields and zones rather than hard boundaries; overlap and exchange as opposed to separativity. Interactions are key. This is the philosophy intended to prevail in the educational programs to foster a more organic and enriching experience.

Considering all things are vibrational and are of etheric origins, this lends itself towards unification. Ultimately the fundamental unified force is consciousness.

Quantifying Consciousness