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Energy & Matter Interaction

The Dynamic Interplay of Light and Water

Given the fact that matter is comprised of atomic resonant cavities of etheric origins, the vibratory zones of overlap between all energy and matter imply a subtle interconnectedness. Any matter / energy interaction leaves both the matter and the energy impacted in some way. Recent discoveries involving water and light begin to reveal a more sophisticated approach at hand, and hint at much broader implications.

The Exclusion Zone Studies

In 2002, Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington discovered that when visible and infrared light interact with water, a hexagonal layer of water molecules form. This one-atom thick layer builds upon itself forming a liquid crystal. As light continues to interact with water, the hex layers build, each one off-setting the previous. In this liquid crystal phase, H₂O transforms into H₃O₂. This liquid crystal is so dense it excludes all particles and solutes, thus inheriting its name - the exclusion zone (EZ). The EZ formation changes not only the water’s molecular composition, but its electrical potential, creating a more dynamic entity that reacts to its surroundings.
Visible light
The EZ always carries a negative charge, and the amorphous water molecules it surrounds carries a positive charge - essentially creating a battery.  Dr. Pollack created microelectrodes to measure this charge and found the beginning of measurable voltage begins at the frequency of ultraviolet light, around the 270-nm wavelength. As the exposure to electromagnetic frequencies increase, the EZ becomes denser, the layers increase, the voltage increases, and ability of the liquid crystal to exclude smaller and smaller particles increases. It finally peaks at the infrared frequency, with the highest voltages and EZ durations recorded where infrared began to move towards the microwave spectrum.
We believe the microwave frequency - and in particular the lower-end wireless frequency – is preventing or slowing the formation of the EZ. Just as the EZ formation transitions and peaks from ultraviolet, to visible, to infrared light, that process is reversed through the microwave spectrum. At the higher end microwave frequencies, EZ layers begin to relax. As the lower-end microwave frequencies are approached, EZ layers fail to form: voltage drops, and the water molecule is now “damaged,” having absorbed the discordant microwave frequency. Water now requires vibrational repair to regain normal resonance before being able to produce a light-induced voltage again.

Global Cooling

Further experimentation between microwave frequencies and water may very well apply to the greenhouse layer as a possible solution to mitigate global warming.

The greenhouse layer surrounding the earth is comprised of approximately 70% water vapor. A natural exclusion zone is constantly being formed by ultraviolet and visible light entering the atmosphere every day. As the earth is warmed, infrared light is emitted, further producing a denser greenhouse EZ layer. Its job is to hold its electrostatic charge and exclude all particles, including CO₂. Man-made or not, these particles can’t escape our atmosphere, trapped under the dense EZ layer.

Assuming the microwave frequency is discordant with H₂O EZ formation, properly controlled and distributed emission of microwave frequencies directed into the upper troposphere would relax the dense EZ layers. Without breaking the layers, the tight web can be manipulated for controlled release of CO₂ and other harmful trapped greenhouse gases. While it is unclear whether a continuous EZ layer surrounds the Earth, it is likely this microwave / exclusion zone correlation could be a viable option for global warming mitigation.

Healing Implications

The early 1980’s saw the rapid growth of cellular and wireless technology, with the lower-end microwave frequencies used as the carrier signal. Around this same time frame, the world began experiencing an exponential rise in cancer cases, autism, behavioral issues, and other related ill health effects.

There is a high likelihood that healthy exclusion zone formation is the primary source of bioelectricity - something scientists and mystics have struggled with throughout the ages. The possible adverse correlation between the microwave frequency and EZ formation presents interesting implications. The average cell in the human body contains approximately 2.5 quadrillion water molecules. By volume, our bodies are comprised of about two-thirds water. However, by number of molecules, we are 99% water. The health implications stemming from a better understanding of water and light interaction are very important.

The seemingly subtle interaction between energy and matter is incredibly dynamic. Nothing is static; the intricate interplay of nature is constant. The discovery of water’s exclusion zone is just the beginning. The action / reaction mechanism of nature will soon reveal previously hidden gems.

Dunedain has technologies and devices under design to address the importance and create a better understanding of energy / matter interaction in general, and light / water interaction in particular.

The implications arising out of a more evolved understanding of this new physics are broad and important. With further study of vibration and sympathetic resonance, the applications are numerous.

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