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Quantifying Consciousness

Engineering the Fundamental Force

At the core of Dunedain’s efforts is the attempt to understand and study the nature of consciousness. Our new paradigm of physics is clearly leading toward a unified theory of forces, one where consciousness is the fundamental force driving everything into existence, giving rise to all other forces.

The prospect of consciousness as an engineerable force has amazing implications. Vibration and resonance, transmitters and receivers - they all take on a new dimension. On the horizon for Dunedain in relation to consciousness-based projects are the following:
Unified theory:
Gravity is a primitive form of electricity; electricity a primitive form of consciousness. Self-directed ego identity is a primitive form of higher collective consciousness.
Artificial intelligence:
Extending the definition of “artificial” by introducing an organic awareness, helping to regulate this potentially hazardous technology.
Improving communication:
A communication based ontology designed to increase human output.
Manipulating energy:
An element’s energetic structure is the doorway to mind over matter.

Conventional reality is bound by concepts, always one step removed from direct experience, which translates as limitation. Like a religion, physics is a belief system bound by concepts. In the beginning they are valuable pointers, though over time become outdated and less relevant. Ultimate reality reflects direct experience where concepts are transcended. As more fluid and dynamic concepts that more closely resemble the true nature of things are adopted, they can act as beneficial guideposts of evolution.

People learn in various ways; some are more verbal, some more visual, etc. There are various types of learning styles that are popular, and attempts are being made to tailor educational programs toward these styles. With virtual reality educational applications, all the learning styles can be addressed in dynamic and custom applications.

Tools (scientific kits/products)