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Tools (scientific kits/products)

Virtual Reality

People learn in various ways; some are more verbal, some more visual, etc. There are various types of learning styles that are popular, and attempts are being made to tailor educational programs toward these styles. With virtual reality educational applications, all the learning styles can be addressed in dynamic and custom applications.

Considering the virtual reality experience can be networked brings an interesting element of collaboration. Applications can be developed to promote various desirable social traits based on group efforts. Additionally, by combining virtual reality goggles with a BCI headset (brain computer interface - see below), an interesting array of possibilities become available.

VR Applications
Ajax McIntosh Model
Atomic structure, behavior and properties
Induction, vortex tube embedding
Energy / matter interaction
Water and Light – Exclusion Zone
Global cooling
EMF / health
Sound and air
Sonic levitation
EZ air
Heat and pressure
Over-unity energy
Vibration and energy modeling
Custom VR / BCI – networked experiences

Contact Dunedain regarding  VR applications for  professional and educational use.

3D Printed Materials

Dunedain is working with OpenFab PDX, a custom 3D print shop out of Portland, OR, to create visual and tangible examples of the multidimensional periodic table. OpenFab PDX has designed two versions of the Ajax McIntosh Model, and is currently designing individual elements. These are all intended to be sold as either 3D print files (electronic version) or as actual prints (physical version):
Ajax McIntosh Model - Nested Platonics :
There will be two physical versions of the nested platonic Ajax McIntosh Model: a fully assembled and an unassembled kit. Each platonic shell spins independently of its parent, with a total of twelve levels of nesting. The innermost shell diameter is 1.5”, while the outermost shell diameter is approximately 32”. Accompanying each Ajax McIntosh Model will be the option to purchase individual (non-nested) platonic shell shapes representing each of the twelve shells. The individual shells will have the element symbol locations on the vertices, in more manageable sizes, in ascending order.
3D Charts :
A more affordable version of the Ajax McIntosh Model is the “pizza pie”. This version of the new periodic table is designed to hang on a wall. It’s about 1” thick, 36” in diameter, and all of the concentric circle shells rotate.

The adoption of a vibrational model implies multidimensional understanding, which more closely mimics nature and is essential to our evolution. This is a birth of a new physics, which is just an acknowledgement of the discovery of something that has always been there, waiting.

Please contact us by email regarding pricing and availability for VR applications and 3D printed products at: