Developing Methods to Show Consciousness Is an Engineerable Force

Engineerable force—consciousness

Consciousness is a force. It is the unifying fundamental force of nature. This mysterious force is the cause of gravity and electromagnetism, the cause of ego and identity and liberation. This force can be quantified and engineered.

The longer term goal of Dúnedain is to provide a template, a methodology, to help one harness this force. The control of thought and emotion is paramount, and this must begin at an individual level. The understanding that we create our world and conditions, and that there are consequences to thought is vital. This is no minor task. The Diamond Mind project is the short term attempt to jump start this premise.

Mind meets matter via energetic structures

The Diamond Mind project involves water, Borax crystals, atomic energetic structures and the use of concentration to manipulate water molecules.

Our setup involves providing several vials of water for each weekly experiment. Some vials are left alone, most are assigned a specific "atomic energetic structure."

The idea is fairly simple: When Borax is added to boiling water it crystalizes after just a few hours.

For six days, twice a day, each vial receives about two minutes of specific and intense focus. The intention is to actually manipulate the normal energetic structures of H₂O from their original to something else.

Experiment Details

All atoms have an etheric origin called an atomic energetic structure. These energetic structures reside in the ether - the interface between the form and formless - which enable manifestation.

There are a total of five atomic energetic structures. The unique combination of shape, size and speed are responsible for each atomic manifestation. The elements hydrogen and oxygen (which comprise the water molecule) both arise from the double ovoid energetic structure.

Double ovoid
Single ovoid

We performed a series of experiments testing the hypothesis that concentration would have a measurable effect on water.

We set up several vials of water for the week - two “controls” (or non-focused) and five “focused”. The focused vials were each assigned a different energetic structure. This is the energetic structure the experimenter attempted to alter - via concentration - from the original double ovoid of water.

Each of the focused vials received a short meditation 2x per day. For approximately 1-2 minutes each of the focused water vials would receive intense concentration; the intention was to manipulate the atomic energetic structures of H₂O by focusing on something other than its original, in this case the specific newly assigned energetic structure.

After five or six days of focus measurements were taken of each vial: water voltage, resistance, pH and EC (electrical conductivity). The water was then boiled, and a specific amount of Borax was added. A carefully measured length of pipe cleaner was suspended in each vial and left to crystallize.

There were a total of four subjects, including Len, who each performed these weekly experiments for several months.  


With impressive regularity we immediately began seeing positive results. There was a correlation between focused water vials and subsequent crystal formation. For the most part, all four experimenters began seeing commonalities.

The control, or non-focused, water had a reduced voltage and increased resistance, compared to the focused. Also, the control crystals were smaller, lighter, and had fewer variations. The focused crystals tended to be more varied with protrusions, they were larger and heavier. We tended to find these differences the greatest with three specific energetic structures: double ovoid, oblate and sphere.

Below is an example of a typical week’s experiment from one subject. For the most part we see similar results from all experimenters. The “focused” water produces larger and more varied crystals, while the “un-focused” water produces smaller and less varied crystals. The two crystals on the right, “control-in” and “control-out” are the non-focused water crystals.

The two on the right are non-focused "controls"

Similarly, the two “non-focused” crystals on the left are smaller, lighter, and less varied. These are the only two crystals to receive no focus at all - the “control” crystals.

The two on the left are non-focused "controls"

Another premise we sought to quantify was that of meditation experience. We theorized that a person more proficient, or perhaps more experienced, in mediation may show a larger discrepancy between focused and non-focused results. Below are two charts showing the data.

After several days of short “meditations” on the water the voltage was measured. This was done just prior to boiling the water and adding Borax. For the beginner meditator on the left, the average non-focused water voltage was about 26 mV (millivolts), while the average focused water was closer to 40 mV. And as expected, the experienced meditator (that would be me) showed a larger difference in water voltage between the non-focused and focused.

Similarly, the difference in crystal weight was as expected. The beginner meditator showed, on average, almost a one gram increase in crystal weight between their non-focused and focused crystals. The experienced meditator showed a two gram difference.

Going Forward

Dúnedain would like to perform much more in-depth and comprehensive versions of these experiments. We are considering providing kits for home and / or school experimentation. This would involve a website for tracking all data. Not only would this drastically increase the number of participants, but would also allow remote and multi-user experiments. Now a group could focus on a single set of water vials.

We also have more sophisticated methods of quantification in mind. These involve the use of piezoelectric methods of measuring the crystal’s voltage, and the use of Kirlian photography to measure the crystal’s energy fields. Finally, if results are promising, we would like to experiment with finer details of the energetic structures. It may be possible to alter specific atomic properties and the chemical composition of water...and beyond.

The short term implications of definitively showing a correlation between thoughts and water / crystals are an important beginning to build on a much more pervasive understanding of the role of consciousness. The longer term implications begin to touch on a new conceptual model where physics and philosophy are interrelated. To be able to definitely say yes, mind over matter is real, is a huge step.