Providing a method of protection and distribution for sustainable technologies while promoting small business


Dúnedain is developing the Inventor’s Incubator - a mechanism of innovation and collaboration utilizing the agile approach to introduce disruptive and sustainable technologies and ideas.

A facility to provide a framework for inventors and entrepreneurs. A legal structure would help protect intellectual property. A business structure would help market and distribute any device or technology, beginning with seed money for early proof of concept development.

Open source mentality, starting with sharing fundamental Dúnedain technical concepts. Cut through red tape…a safe haven for otherwise isolated inventors - no need to re-create the wheel.

We are ready to go with the Inventor’s Incubator Storefront now. Dúnedain would like to partner with individuals who are interested in helping further develop various new physics related ideas and products. We provide the infrastructure. You do the development and distribution. We share the profits.

Below are just a few of the items and projects that we are ready to start working on right away as part of the Inventor’s Incubator Storefront program.

Books & pamphlets
Skill/specialty: Editor, Publisher
We have several books up and coming, the first scheduled for June 2022. Pamphlets ready to go.
Skill/specialty: Graphics, 3D Modeling
Several posters ready to go - dozens more need design.
Golden Song
Skill/specialty: Engineering, Electronics
New guitar pickup design.*
Water vitalizers
Skill/specialty: Engineering, 3D Modeling
Two commercial directions - agriculture & human consumption.
The Elements
Skill/specialty: 3D Modeling, Graphics, 3D Printing
All 118 elements (atoms) to be 3D modeled - renderings, software, STL files.
Ajax Model
Skill/specialty: Engineering, 3D modeling, graphics, 3D printing
Design new periodic table of elements: Ajax Model. Renderings, software, STL files.
Virtual Reality apps
Skill/specialty: VR software, graphics
We have over 40 VR apps outlined: New physics, Energy devices, Energy/matter interaction, Compounds & crystallization
Diamond Mind - kit
Skill/specialty: Classroom oriented, organized
Kits for the Diamond Mind project. For individuals, or the classroom.
New Physics theories
Skill/specialty: Free thinker
Open source platform to support development of new physics and consciousness theories. Support collaboration and networking.
Hydro tower
Skill/specialty: Engineering, 3D modeling, graphics, 3D printing
Indoor / outdoor hydroponic tower for growing vegetables. Utilized water vitalizer.
NFT Vitalizer
Skill/specialty: Engineering, 3D modeling, graphics, 3D printing
Nutrient film technique hydroponic device, water vitalizer built in.
Bio-energy Reader
Skill/specialty: Engineering, 3D modeling, electronics
Hand-held device to read energy signature of produce (fruits / vegetables).*
Skill/specialty: Creative
Like the stars…dozens of designs completed, create your own if you like.
*needs further proof of concept testing

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in participating in the small business storefront program.