Dúnedain has several books in the works, the first two scheduled for release early 2023 in PDF format.

New Physics: White Vortex

Beginning the journey into a new physics with the emphasis on matter and the new atomic structure
PDF download available: early 2023
Hard copy available: early 2023
Red Pill

Short stories and anecdotes describing various esoteric experiences
PDF download available: early 2023
Hard copy available: early 2023


Water & EMF
Exploring the relationship between water voltage and its exposure to EMF (wireless microwave frequency)

We have a long list of videos planned over the next few months - starting with new physics topics, moving into consciousness related content. They will start trickling out soon…


Water Tech Data Points
Summary of various water related experiments to quantify effects of high voltage “vitalized” water.
  • Voltage
  • Resistance
  • Biomass
  • Nutrient Density
  • EMF
Vitalized Water
The mechanics and atomic workings behind high voltage water.
CBD, Voltage & Health
Cannabis - nature’s yin/yang answer addressing inflammation and pain relief and the role of water’s “exclusion zone."
Cymatics and the new atomic structure - a new lexicon for the elements.
White Vortex
The antithesis of a black hole - the atom.
Neutron Model
The role of neutron orbitals in atoms.
Atomic Components
The new atomic structure and its components.
Ajax Model
The new periodic table of elements - 12 nested Platonic solids.
Atomic Energetic Structures
The etheric predecessor to the atomic crystal structure, the soul of the atom.