Dúnedain is derived from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings - the silent protectors of the world. Anyone inclined to do more than nothing in playing their part in the evolution of this fine world is aligned with that spirit.

The current Dúnedain include Len Murray and a few of his friends and family members.

Len has a background in construction, software and meditation. He has spent the past decade developing ideas around a new physics - an entirely new model where consciousness is the fundamental force. A few inventions have sprung from this work, as well as new ways to address this unifying force.

This is an unfolding and exciting process of co-creation. If any of these projects spark your interest please contact us to learn more.

Len Murray


Dúnedain offers a broad array of projects and ideas at varying levels of maturity. Some are suited for independent businesses and the commercialization of devices. Some need more research and development. All will be under the umbrella of the Dúnedain facility.

We envision a community type environment, a combination of: college campus / village community / R&D / neighborhood residence. Various departments would focus on the appropriate topics and projects; each department helps coordinate and manifest the corresponding projects.

Water Tech
Health Center
The Arts
Mystery School
For more information on the projects and facility check out New Physics: White Vortex, chapter 10 - “Projects”


The world is flat-lined - it needs a boost, a new starting point. When consciousness becomes an engineerable force all conventional constructs become obsolete and dangerous. Dúnedain is offering a first step in that new direction, where the intersection of science and consciousness naturally come together, demonstrating how one does not operate without the other.

Step-by-step, project-by-project, we can get there. The implications are broad – join us in this exciting endeavor in discovering our capacity.