Dúnedain hired a virtual reality firm to begin to put this “new physics” information in motion. We designed a detailed electronic version of the new atomic structure, using about a dozen different elements as examples. From the birth of a proton to vortex tube and electron formation, to atomic bonding and crystallization, to be able to see the inner workings of the subatomic particles in action was a true pleasure.

The Ajax Model was built in virtual reality - it was amazing to see in action, in motion. Energy devices were designed and coded. We even ended the project with a rendering of the greenhouse effect and how to mitigate it via water manipulation. From the onset, the intention was to eventually design and build in-depth education modules of the various topics of new physics - the beginning of course curriculums.

The following images show the atomic formation and subsequent atomic properties and behaviors
Proton - vortex tube formation
Hydrogen magnetic field formation
Atomic bonding
Unfolding of the elements
Atomic induction
Atomic precession
The new H₂O molecule
Water's exclusion zone formation
The Ajax Model in VR
Migration from Mendeleev’s periodic table to the 2D Ajax Model...
...to the 3D Ajax Model
VR applications built involved the manipulation of the greenhouse layer to address the release of CO₂
A dense, high voltage exclusion zone prevents CO₂ release
The controlled introduction of microwave frequencies loosens up EZ formation, allowing CO₂ to escape

We currently have over 60 virtual reality applications designed and ready to develop, divided into five subsets, all related to new physics. They involve a curriculum type progressive modules for education purposes.

Sub-atomic formation, new atomic properties and behaviors.

Dynamic depiction of the new periodic table of elements.

Sub-atomic level interactions between energy and matter. For example, water and light (exclusion zone), the photoelectric effect, biological cellular interactions.

Various new physics energy devices: M3, Vortex Motor, Water Vitalizer, Water Battery

3D model of vibration, Phi relationship between electric and magnetic, gravitic vibration, etc.